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Name: B series

Series: Industrial vacuum cleaner

The suitable operating mode:

Two power options: 2KW, 3KW, with super suction, super blow.

Two power options: 2KW, 3KW, with super suction, super blow. Large capacity stainless steel dust bucket, specially designed for dust and water absorption. This model is designed for the firm base, beautiful and practical, convenient to move quickly in the cleaning process.


  • Waterproof switch for easy operation

  • It has double functions of dust absorption and water absorption

  • The machine with drainage device, convenient worry

  • All stainless steel barrel body, quality is firm, durable

  • Barrel body is 90 °, can be very convenient poured out garbage barrels

  • The height of the push rod of the machine can be adjusted flexibly, which is convenient to move when working

  • Dust bag support blue, easy to clean, prevent dust damage parts

  • Humanized design: the front and rear of the base are equipped with jacks for easy storage of accessories



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